Thursday, 16 September 2010


Well, it's been ages since my last blog post - which is due to me being amazingly busy for once!!

I've moved into my own little rented house with my Fiance, which took place at the weekend. Many trips in the rented van were needed to move all my 'stuff' (junk!) along with all the new furniture. We are slowly getting it looking lovely and I'm adding home/hand made items into it slowly... 4 cushions made by me on the sofa, a handmade clock, my hand painted kokeshi dolls.. as i said.. slowly!!

I still have loads of stuff at my parents house which it yet to move, but need to sort out my own house first! Tehe!

After the stress of moving all weekend, then going to work on Monday, I wanted to relax in the evening, but (i'm not moaning here!) Monday happened to be my Birthday so the family came round.. followed by friends, so a very busy evening!!

Not had chance to make anything new as of yet... maybe once the kaffuffle is over eh? :)