Friday, 16 July 2010

I don't blog often enough!

I have come to the conclusion, while eating a cream cake, that I don't blog enough! My posts are pitiful ( a bit like sales of recent!)

So while I think of more to say, here is my Folksy Friday. My theme is items from people who I see often on the forums!

Oops - Handmade pottery mugs

Tweet Card - Blue

'Put your feet up' Cushion
I love all these items! :D


  1. Love the pottery mug. Ta very much for featuring my Tweet card!
    Cheers, Alex. x

  2. I love the mugs too. Might buy them when I get paid unless someone snaps them up first!

  3. Thanks so much for including me in your folksy friday. I really love that tweet card its so cute!

  4. Lovely things! My ma used to have mugs like that - gorgeous.

  5. Great choices. That cushion is fab!
    Blog as often or as little as you like- its your blog after all!