Thursday, 26 August 2010

Folksy Friday - a bit early!!

Hello hello! This is my Folksy Friday but on a Thursday! I wanted to be pro-active and get in there early :D

Todays items are just random things I like, because.. well.. why not!!?

Penguin Sun Catcher by

Diomo Glass

Camera Tote Bag by

Cut Copy Create

(None in stock but they sell awesome other items!)

Ceramic Heart Pendant by

Tait Gallery


Deep Purple and Silver Drop Earrings by

Chuls Charms

Sorry, couldn't resist one of my own products in there! Let me know if you like what I do!!


  1. Adorable Penquins by Diomo and also love Tait's ceramic heart, but all you choices are scrummy!

    Natalie x

  2. Love your collection and especially the bag.

  3. love those penguins and the camera bag

    Kate x

  4. Hi!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the comments and including my camera bag :)

    There is one left over at folksy now :)